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*Also consider joining [[https://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Hemis | Hemis]] and/or [[https://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Salad_Bowl | SaladBowl]]
*Also consider joining [[https://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Hemis Hemis]] and/or [[https://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/Pre_Laptop_Orchestra/Salad_Bowl SaladBowl]]
==Supplies/Order List==
==Supplies/Order List==

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Chris, fill out this page!

comment (jf) - So it was shot down at the meeting, and then JAbel comes in and says its not a bad idea, I think we should consider the cubic speaker for ease of construction and just straight up realness. just a consideration though, if theres a better idea lets have it.

Hard Workers:

  • ChrisW
  • Luke - I'd like to help brainstorm on this front (also need to remember how to edit wikis!).
  • El Jeffe (...here and/or on hemi team)
  • Adnan
  • Ethan (part-time)

Supplies/Order List

  • subwoofers

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