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If you're interested in the Hemispherical Speaker Prototype Group sign up here!

Use this page to post ideas!!

The Crew:

  • Diana
  • Lawrence
  • Turner
  • Kyle
  • Ethan (part-time?)
  • Jeff (part-time?)

Supplies/Order List

  • drivers (5.25"?? 4"?? 5.5"?? 5"??)
  • t-amp (8 channel)
  • speaker cable (loads of it)
  • MDF?? (unless someone has a better suggestion)
  • enclosures (these'll have to be custom built)
  • crossovers?? (all according to what drivers we get)

The Design

  • If anyone has any ideas or input as to how you wanna build/design these... shoot me an email! I am completely open to any suggestions :)
  • This is the old version of the Princeton hemi.
  • This is what we're modeling: Hemi.
  • Really cool resource: DIYSpeakers.


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