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SLOrk Gear - what we are thinking about getting for the ensemble. Please add suggestions and links here!!!


  • macbook (current first choice) (description)
    • $1380 per laptop
    • black
    • planning to buy RAM upgrade separately from apple
    • possible paint job outsourcing on white ones
    • hoping to get 16x to 20x in the first round
  • Ram at Newegg: (linkage)


Audio Interfaces

currently, the thinking is starting with the MOTU Ultralite, and then getting another, more linux-compatible one

  • MOTU ultralite (description)
    • $545 retail (anyone know how to get them cheaper? Hayden?)
    • metering + onboard level control
    • unknown/no linux support (boo)
    • need to get same number as laptops
    • comment (jeff) - i said this at the meeting, but i reiterate, we have a HUGE oppurtunity here to make some real changes if we consider this device. MOTU stands to make a big sale, and a great partnership if they'd consider letting some of us work on linux drivers. They probably don't do it because they dont want to and cant find anybody qualified to work on this. We should not take it lightly the pull we have with this project.
  • Alesis iO-26 (description}
    • $399 retail
    • metering + onboard level control (not sure if this is for ins AND outs or what...probably need a test. looks promising though.)
    • unknown linux support
    • need to get same number as laptops
    • not stackable. however, maybe this makes it easier to read and use? much more like a real mixer and independent level controls is way cool.
  • Linux-friendly: Echo Audiofire 2 ([1])
  • or: Audiofire 4 ([2])
  • Cheap $200 - $300
  • Audiofire 2 is 2in/2out + 2/2 digital, no preamps,
  • Audiofire 4 is 4in/4out + 2/2 digital , w/preamps
    • Echo has been cooperating with the ffado project: ([3])
  • Check out the ffado database for other options


  • vocal mic's (Shure SM58, 4x)
    • $100 each
  • instrument mic's (Shure KSM141, 4x)
    • $400
  • headset mic's (ideally want 12 or more of these)
    • suggestions?


  • finger drum pads
    • option: m-audio triggerfinger (description) : ($150, at least 6x) : comment (ge) - in use in PLOrk
    • option: akai pad control (description) : ($200, at least 6x) : comment (ge) - BIG!
    • option: akai pad control (MPD-16) : ($99) comment (jeff) - SMALL!
  • MIDI keyboards (hoping to get at least 6x)
    • option: edirol PCR-M30 (description) : ($150, at least 6x) : comment (ge) - in use in PLOrk
  • wacom tablet
    • option: Intuos 6x8 (description) : ($300, at least 4x) : comment (ge) - in use in PLOrk
  • wiimotes (with nunchuk) (description) : ($60, at least 12x)
  • joysticks?
  • dance pads?
  • turntable interfaces? (jeff?)


  • XLR cables
  • Audio Interface => Amp/Speakers cables (may need to build our own)

Storage and Transportion

  • cases?
  • one giant laptop container on wheels?
  • carts?
  • locks for laptops?

Matts + Pillows (etc)

REED SAYS recommends getting them here: it might be a wee bit more expensive but the quality is much better. I have used a cushion and matt from these guys for years. I would also like to consider coloured centre cushions and perhaps a one sided colour on the matt. What do you think. This allows for a possible roll assignment in the future while playing... I agree that the mats should look alike from audience...

  • Lapinators (lapinator) - comment (ge): do we need these?

Power cables / surge protectors / power conditioners

  • suggestions?

Documentation Gear

  • a nice wide-angle video camera?
  • a nice still camera?

Video Projector(s) + screen(s) : OPTIONAL

  • suggestions?

Everything Else : Suggestions?

  •  ?