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===CCRMA 250A Projects===
===CCRMA 250A Projects===
* [ Music 250A] procects page
* [ Music 250A] projects page
* [ Bill Verplank's] collection
* [ Bill Verplank's] collection

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See the demo patches in the examples folder that comes with Max.

Cycling '74 develops Max.

Database of all sorts of objects and externals that you can get for Max.

PeRColate library of objects for Max.

Pd (Pure Data)

Pd Extended Installers (Pd with a large collection of externals)

Miller Puckette's homepage

Pd Mailing List archive

Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music, Miller Puckette's book Pd Community Site

Official Pd Documentation

Pd Repertory Project Patches that can run selected pieces of the live electronic music repertory using Pd

Relevant CCRMA Courses

Other Projects

CCRMA 250A Projects


New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference proceedings

Websites and Blogs


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