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===CCRMA 250A Projects===
===CCRMA 250A Projects===
* [ Music 250A] procects page
* [ Music 250A] procects page
* [ Bill Verplank's] collection
* [ Bill Verplank's] collection

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C Programming

Essential C: a good basic C programming tutorial by the Stanford CS Education Library.

C Programming Notes an online C programming primer.

Pd (Pure Data) Pd Community Site.

Pd Extended (Pd with a large collection of externals)

Miller Puckette's homepage.

Pd Mailing List archive.

Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music, Miller Puckette's book.



Relevant CCRMA Courses

Music 250A: CCRMA's course that teaches PID Workshop topics and more during an academic term.

  • Labs some of which may be similar to what we'll do this summer

Other Projects

CCRMA 250A Projects

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