PID2008 Intro to Pd

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This introduction to Pd is in the form of a series of Pd patches.

  • First, you need to set up your Pd environment.
    • Save the file .pdrc into your home directory. (Right-click, choose Save Link As...)

  • Save the lecture (a series of Pd patches) in your pid2007 directory: pd_lecture.tar.gz
    • Extract the notes:
            ~> cd ~/pid2007
    ~/pid2007> tar xzf pd_lecture.tar.gz
  • Start Pd:
    ~/pid2007> pd
  • Read and try the patches.
  • Look through the Pd Examples from the 'Help' Menu.

A collection of STK Physical and FM synthesis objects are now available in Pd. Check out the following objects:

  • BandedWG~, BeeThree~, BlowBottle~, BlowHole~, Bowed~, Brass~, Clarinet~, Flute~, FMVoices~, HevyMetl~, Mandolin~, ModalBar~, Moog~, PercFlut~, Plucked~, Resonate~, Rhodey~, Saxofony~, Shaker~, Simple~, Sitar~, StifKarp~, TubeBell~, VoicForm~, Whistle~, Wurley~


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