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<center>[[PID 2007]]</center>
<center>[[PID 2007]]</center>

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Homework 1 - Buttons Vs Handles

  • One way to distinguish the ways we DO things is with HANDLES or BUTTONS.
  • Buttons are discrete, handles continuous. With a button you initiate and let go; with a handle you grab on and contol. Button clicks are more likely symbolic - we string them together. Handles are more analogic - we gesture and indicate.
  • Bring to class two sketches (8-1/2 x 11); one of a ``handle one of a ``button".
  • Sketch enough of the context so it is clear where and who might use it.
  • List the features that make this a good or bad example - what you like or don't.
  • Tips:
    • You will present these to everyone in the class. Use a Sharpie.
    • The drawing should be self-explanatory. Use as few words as possible.
    • Make it clear how the user interacts with it. Where are the user's hands?
PID 2007