Open Source for HighSchool Multimedia and Journalism

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Project Summary

 written by Jason Sadural (

Our purpose is to introduce Tennyson High School Multimedia & Journalism Department students concepts of open source tools into their current projects. Current projects include radio screen plays, weekly news reports, educational videos, music composition, and virtual year books. The Multimedia & Journalism department at Tennyson highschool has existed for 3 years and currently is the most prospering department academically and creatively at Tennyson. Many of the topics discussed will be related to the use of free public licensed software for synthesis, recording, and mastering with the latest standards of quality in the music industry.

Topics will include digital effects, rhythmic loop based techniques, and multi-track audio.

Current equipment

    • G4 Desktop
    • Digital Camcorder
    • 3 shure microphones
    • unfinished