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CS229 Machine Learning Project Proposal


Students: Nicholas J. Bryan

Professors: Ge Wang, Andrew Ng

Papers to Read/Concepts to Understand

HMMs and how they are used for speech recognition

How the knowledge of HMMs/speech recognition can be applied to rhythm understanding

A Tutorial on Hidden Markov Models and Selected Applications in Speech Recognition

Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition OGI School of Science & Engineering Course Website

ISMIR Papers

Music Retrieval By Rhythmic Similarity Applied on Greek and African Traditional Music

Pattern Discovery Techniques for Music Audio

Understanding Search Performance in Query-By-Humming Systems

Casual Tempo Tracking of Audio

Eigenrhythms: Drum Pattern Basis Sets For Classification and Generation

Audio Retrieval by Rhythmic Similarity

Beat and Meter Extraction Using Gaussified Onsets

Drum Track Transcription of Polyphonic Music Using Noise Subspace Projection

Supervised and Unsupervised Sequence Modeling for Drum Transcription

ISMIR 2006 Tutorial: Computational Rhythm Description

Extraction of Drum Patterns and Their Description within the MPEG-7 High-Level Framework

Continuous HMM and its Enhancement for Signing/Humming Query Retrieval

Rhythm-Based Segmentation of Popular Chinese Music

Indexing Hidden Markov Models for Music Retrieval

New Music Interfaces for Rhythm-Based Retrieval

MIR in Matlab (II): A Toolbox for Musical Feature Extraction from Audio

Pattern Matching in Polyphonic Music as a WEighted Geometric Translation Problem

The dangers of parsimony in query-by-humming applications

An Investigation of Feature Models for Music Genre Classification Using the Support Vector Classifier

Rhythmic Similarity through Elaboration

Drum Transcription in Polyphonic Music Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation

A Drum Pattern Retrieval Method By Voice Percussion

From Rhythm Patterns to Perceived Tempo

Joint Beat & Tatum Tracking From Music Signals

Percussion Classification in Polyphonic Audio Recordings Using Localized Sound Models

Rhythm and Tempo Recognition of music Performance From a Probabilistic Approach

A comparison of Rhythmic Similarity Measures

Query-by-beat -boxing: Music Retreival for the DJ

Applying Rhythmic Similarity Based on Inner Metric Analysis to Folksong Research