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Good practices for the Neuromusic Lab

Lab Meetingslabmeeting

  • sign up for presenting in lab meetings [1]
  • Link to Picton via Stanford Library [2]
  • Takako @ Stanford: Jan. 24- Feb. 7 + Feb. 21 - March 23

Lab Setup

Default Mode

  • Booth tricks to display stim computer....blah


  • Brush participant scalp with stiff brush
  • NuPrep gel can clean each electrode site after cap is velcroed


  • Sanitize the comb/brush after every use: put them in the plastic tub with warm water + 1 Tablespoon dish soap + 1 Tablespoon vinegar (under the sink). Let sit for ~1 hour before rinsing and drying. (A good time to do this is while the participant is in the booth).
  • Keep connector away from water - use a ziplock bag around the connector and hook it above the paper towel dispenser.

Data Analysis

  • SSP tricks