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Good practices for the Neuromusic Lab

Lab Meetings


HTML<a href="">Sign up</a> to present in a lab meeting

  • sign up for presenting in lab meetings [1]
  • Link to Picton via Stanford Library [2]
  • Takako @ Stanford: Jan. 24- Feb. 7 + Feb. 21 - March 23

Lab Setup

General Information

As of Jan. 12, 2018, the KVM switch in the control room and the booth are working for the stim and mac computers! The motor computer has not been tested at this point. Please document thoroughly if recabling is necessary.

Default Mode

DVI output from Stim connects to Control KVM switch
HDMI output from Stim connects to Booth KVM switch
note: this particular cable has the label 'stim'.
VGA output not used


  • Brush participant scalp with stiff brush
  • NuPrep gel can clean each electrode site after cap is velcroed


  • Sanitize the comb/brush after every use: put them in the plastic tub with warm water + 1 Tablespoon dish soap + 1 Tablespoon vinegar (under the sink). Let sit for ~1 hour before rinsing and drying. (A good time to do this is while the participant is in the booth).
  • Keep connector away from water - use a ziplock bag around the connector and hook it above the paper towel dispenser.

Data Analysis

  • SSP tricks