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(Initial Brainstorming)
(What I'm thinking about now?)
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= More work on the Wheel =
= What I'm thinking about now? =
= What I'm thinking about now? =

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More work on the Wheel

What I'm thinking about now?

Bike Spokes... Recently I was getting some advice on truing my bike wheel and was informed that the easiest / quickest way to get the wheel to spin straight was to check the spoke tension by ear and adjust based on the resonant frequency.

You can see an article about this here Check Spoke Tension By Ear

So I'm thinking that something interesting could be done with bike wheels tuned to specific frequencies or harmonic series. This also offers an interesting design aesthetic to approach, as I can utilize a number of bicycle parts for gallery visitors to interact with such as pedals to move the sculpture, and brakes to stop it.

Initial Brainstorming

Week 2: Tube Related

Idea 1: Feedback tubes

Week 2-1.jpg

Idea 2: More different feedback tubes

Week 2-2.jpg

Week 1: Spring related

Idea 1: A stage with spring in it

Week 1 1.jpg

Idea 2: A person tied to a spring

Week 1 2.jpg

Idea 3: A large silo with a spring in it

Week 1 3.jpg

Idea 4: Using a spring and a piezo to allow the stringin' it to create it's own sounds

Week 1 4.jpg