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Lab 4: Haptics

Lulu DeBoer [Pink Pluck]

Jennifer Hsu .-#~!£$pluuuuuuuuck$£!~#-.

Eoin Callery [Swelling and Expanding Resonator]

Myles Borins [how I learned to stop worrying and love haptic feedback]

Tim O'Brien [Lumpy String]

Beau Silver [Wind Chime]

Iván Naranjo [guiro?/PluckedString?]

Helen Chavez [Door Bells (playing with scales)]

Erin Baumann [(Lab 4)]

Romain Michon [Karplus-Strong Harp]

Cecilia Wu [Bouncing Threshold] password cecilia

Evan Gitterman [Scratchfader]

Matt Alexander [Variable Speed Control]

Priya Shekar [Pentatonic Pluck Power]

Alice Fang [Mary Christmas]

David Meisenholder [Bass Moves Me]

Jimmy Tobin lab4

Alexandra Hay [1]

Ilias Karim | haptic beat matching

Yoo Hsiu Yeh [fur elise] note - somehow before Jimmy Tobin's post, all the previous submissions got deleted. i pulled them out of the wiki history, but you might want to check that yours is correct.

Sarah Smith [Directional strumming instrument]

Chris Beachy [Haptic Bass]