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Music 250a - Autumn 2012

Lab 1: Making Music with Pd

Romain Michon [Simple Granular Synth]

Chris Beachy [FM Synth]

Beau Silver [Keyboard Play 1] - [Keyboard Play 2]

Afrooz Family [Lab 1 Writeup]

Evan Gitterman [Experimenting with PD]

Jimmy Tobin [Lab1]

Lab 2: Arduino & Sensors

Eoin Callery [Light and Bend Sensor]

Beau Silver [Button Drum Machine]

Jennifer Hsu [Feedback FM+]

Myles Borins [FM experimentation]

Matt Alexander [FM Modulated Synth]

Romain Michon [Clarinet Physical Model]

Tim O'Brien [Squeezebox]

Priya Shekar [BeatTrip]

Cecilia Wu [FM Duet] with the password cecilia

Ivan Naranjo [Multiple Sines + FM]

Yoo Hsiu Yeh [Everybody Talks]

Evan Gitterman [Accelerometer LFO Synth]

Chris Beachy [Force Sensor Sine Wave]

Sarah Smith [Force controlled ADSR]

Ilias Karim [Scales]

Alice Fang [Modrum]

Helen Chavez [Weird Sounds: Phasors/Sine Waves]

Jimmy Tobin [Under Pressure]

Lulu DeBoer "the clicker" [[1]]

Erin Baumann [[2]]

David Meisenholder [LED Band]

Afrooz Family [Sensor drum machine]

Lab 3: Firmware Programming

Beau Silver [Air Piano]

Eoin Callery [Angry Animal]

Tim O'Brien [Guitars, sampled]

Jennifer Hsu [things]

Sarah Smith [FM Modulated FM]

Iván Naranjo [Filtered Noise + Delayed Pick up mic on Computer]

Myles Borins [Bellaccelerometer]

Helen Chavez [FM Synth Play]

Romain Michon [Voice Synthesizer]

Cecilia Wu [Crazy knob] password cecilia

Evan Gitterman [FFT & FM Kazoo]

Yoo Hsiu Yeh [Happy Halloween]

Jimmy Tobin [Dancing Flex Sensor]

Chris Beachy [Chord Tunerator]

Ilias Karim [[3]]

Priya Shekar BeatTrip v3

Erin Baumann [4]

Matt Alexander [Bells]

Lab 5: Mini-Instrument

Beau Silver [Solenoid Marimba]

Tim O'Brien [The Helmet]

Jennifer Hsu [hex]

Iván Naranjo [Every Thought emits a Throw of Dice]

Yoo Hsiu Yeh [Anxious Cat Box]

Evan Gitterman [Headzoo]

Matt Alexander [Distance Sensor Keyboard]

Cecilia Wu [Tibetan Synth bowl] password cecilia

Romain Michon [The Féraillophone]

Lulu DeBoer [Scratch Board]

Eoin Callery [The utterly inappropriately named Smoking Phallus]

Ilias Karim [Master Mic]

Chris Beachy [Dirty Theremin]

Sarah Smith [Organ-Book]

Alex Hay [Thumbduino]

Priya Shekar [BeatTrip The Halloween Special]

David Meisenholder [Bass Massager]

Myles Borins [Tilty.js] [Performed by Gina]

Afrooz Family [Water wheel beat box]

Erin Baumann [The Annoyance Hat (performed by Alice Fang)]

Jimmy Tobin [The Invisible Trumpet]

Alice Fang [Christmas Tree]

Helen Chavez [Magic wand but not really]

Lab 6: Graphics

Eoin Callery [Room 102]

Beau Silver [Sound Blob From Inner Space]

Romain Michon [Virtual Tibetan Bowl]

Tim O'Brien [Sputnik]

Myles Borins [Tilty.js with Viz]

Iván Naranjo [simple Interaction from input ]

Jennifer Hsu [blooooop]

Priya Shekar [BeatTrip v5 feat. Nyan Cat]

Evan Gitterman [Accelerometer Pong]

Yoo Hsiu Yeh [I eat you, you eat me. Please come back.]

Sarah Smith [Organ Book Visualization]

Cecilia Wu [My Little Sweet Heart] password: cecilia

Matt Alexander [Bouncing Basketball]

Afrooz Family [Beat Visuals]

Alex Hay [Lines/Circle]

Music 250a - Autumn 2011

Lab 2: Arduino & Sensors

Jacob Wittenberg [video]

John Granzow [video]

Kevin Ho [video]

Hongchang Choi [video]

Joel Sadler [Thriller fo the FrakenSine~]

Pankaj Sharma [Electric Tambura]

Ben Broer [ReverBrain]

Remington Wong [video]

Evan Lee [video]

Jeff Rowell [video]

Derek Mendez [flex resistor]

Derek Tingle [accelerometer controlled frequency modulator]

Lab 3: Firmware Programming

Hongchan Choi [video]

Jacob Wittenberg [video]

John Granzow [ligeti poem/cowell rhythmicon]

Pankaj Sharma [video]

Remington Wong [video]

Joel Sadler [throat synthesizer]

Kevin Ho [Drum Machine]

Ben Broer [video]

Derek Mendez [video]

Derek Tingle [video]

Evan Lee [video]

Lab 4: Haptics

Pankaj Sharma [video]

Jacob Wittenberg [video]

John Granzow [video]

Hongchan Choi [video]

Remington Wong [video]

Joel Sadler [Haptic Claw]

Kevin Ho [video]

Ben Broer [video]

Evan Lee [video]

Derek Tingle [video]

Lab 5: Gesture, Audio & Graphics

Hongchan Choi [video]

Ben Broer [video]

Remington Wong [video]

Pankaj Sharma [video]

Evan Lee [video]

Jacob Wittenberg [video]

John Granzow [video]

Derek Tingle [video]

Joel Sadler [Musical Hammer]

Lab 6: Mini-Instrument

Remington Wong [video]

Ben Broer [video]

Kevin Ho [video]

Evan Lee [video]

Pankaj Sharma [video]

Jacob Wittenberg [video]

John Granzow [video]

Derek Tingle [IR Baton]

joel Sadler [Sonic Brush] [musical painting example]