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(Common Matlab Trickiness (Please feel free to add additional hints!))
(Common Matlab Trickiness (Please feel free to add additional hints!))
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=[Home http://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/320/]=

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  • Question #1, etc

Common Matlab Trickiness (Please feel free to add additional hints!)

  • In matlab, vector and matrix indices start at 1 (not 0). For example, to access the first element in the vector x, use x(1). If you are familiar with other programming languages such as C or C++, this might cause some slight difficulties in the beginning.

  • Sound I/O on matlab is pretty basic. For the linux machines, audio will sometimes be a problem if: a web browser is playing audio, JACK is running, some other audio program is locking the audio resources on your computer.

  • When writing functions, the name of the saved file must be the same as the function name.

  • When using built in functions such as min and max, be careful note to which dimension the operator is working on. Typically, matlab operators on columns.

  • The transpose operator ' (apostrophe) acts as a Hermitian transpose. The Hermitian transpose takes the complex conjugate as well as the normal transpose of a matrix. To take avoid taking the complex conjugate you can use .' (I'm guessing we will usually use the Hermitian transpose).

[Home http://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/320/]