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'''Michael Berger'''  
=='''Michael Berger''' ==
'''Michael Zeligs'''
=='''Michael Zeligs'''==
'''Marisol Jimenez Becerra'''
=='''Marisol Jimenez Becerra'''==
'''Terry Berlier'''  
=='''Terry Berlier''' ==
'''David Birnbaum'''
=='''David Birnbaum'''==

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Michael Berger

Michael Zeligs

Marisol Jimenez Becerra

Terry Berlier

David Birnbaum

Title: Full Description: How loud is it: Length x Width x Height: Does it need to be mounted to the wall: Does it need to be hung from above: Does it need power? If so, how many power outlets do you need? Other technical needs: Each piece will be accompanied by a small description for the public. Display description for the day of the event: