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<tr><td>11</td><td>Adam Shepard</td><td>Roy</td><td>Nick K</td><td>Uri</td></tr>
<tr><td>11</td><td>Adam Shepard</td><td>Roy</td><td>Nick K</td><td>Uri</td></tr>
<tr><td>12</td><td>x</td><td>Baek</td><td>Nick B</td><td>Adam Somers</td></tr>
<tr><td>12</td><td>x</td><td>Baek</td><td>Nick B</td><td>Adam Somers</td></tr>
<tr><td>1</td><td>x</td><td>Mike</td><td>Xiang</td><td>Michael B</td></tr>

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Modulations Installation Artist Page

Modulations Installation Page

Important Times

General Schedule

10a Arrive - building check in

10a-12p Audio system setup - begin installation setup Bay Gallery

12p-5p Music soundchecks/rehearsals - installation setup

5p-7p Installation opening - crew eats in music space (catered)

7p~2p Music performances - pretty big set change at about 8pm

3:30a Building check out (shooting for this time)

5a Rental ends

Performance Schedule and Rehearsal Times

whoaliasset timeset lengthlocationsoundcheckprojectionchannels
Max Mathews with Dan Harder and Ann-Marie Stoehr7:0010floor4:30yes - provides1
Ge Wang7:1010floor4:10yes - provides?
Chris Chafe and Fred Malouf7:2020floor3:20no3
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano7:4020floor3:00no8
Fell: Katharine Hawthorne with Alisha Mitchell and Emily Hite8:1515stage3:40no2
Bruno Ruviaro - Tania LanferBruno&Tania8:3010floornoonno4
Adam Sheppard and Uri NietoMadLab8:4515floor12:20no2
Jakes Bejoy9:0020floor12:40yes2
Baeksan Changbaeksanchang9:2030floor12:50yes2
Mike Gao9:5030stage2:45yes2
Bjoern Erlach10:2015stage2:30no2
Adam Somers and Sean PriceSweat Shop Boys/Knob Goblin10:3030+stage2:15yes4
Luke Dahl11:0030stage2:00yes2
Steinunn and Leo11:3030+stage1:15yes2
David BirnbaumDonald Krump (aka "The Fox")12:4545stage1:30yes2
Colin RaffelThe Abrahammer1:3030+stage1:00yes - provides2

Volunteer Schedule

Coord by Linnea

timeticketing/stampingID check/bandingdoor 1door 2
11Adam ShepardRoyNick KUri
12xBaekNick BAdam Somers
1xMikeXiangMichael B

We'll draw on Installation Artist as backup and possibly other tasks since your schedule is more flexible. Alternates: Visda, Michael Berger, Micael Zeligs, and Marisol. There will also be lots of other folks around, willing to help.


Directions to SOMArts [1]


Best to take this way in on exit 433C off 101 at the I-80 split. Drops you off at 9th and Bryant. Stay right on the off ramp, to be directed onto Bryant rather than taking the left onto 9th. One block, take a right on 8th. There are a few unmetered parking spots on the right. Take a right onto Brannan, and SOMArts is the first drive to the right. You can drive up into the lane up to the main door. There are also a few off street spots in the front, that if open can also be used for unloading. The front loading door (right there on Brannan) to SOMArts may also be open, if so just bring your stuff in through there. Please don't leave your car parked for very long at loading, esp in the lane that leads to the main entrance. It's a first-in last-out kinda thing, and could get messy if we don't keep it going. thanks in advance for that.


Unfortunately, we can't really park on the grounds at the venue, but there is lot's of unmetered parking around there. Just so happens that right there in front is metered, and all the streets surrounding Nordstroms (go figure), but the rest is unmetered. See the diagram: red = metered, black = unmetered. The parking lots you see just next to the venue are mainly long term managed parking, with the occasional offering for parking when events are happening at the Civic Center just next door. This is a quote from a SOMArts employee about one lot that might work: "There is one across the street (just North of the Dolby building). Parking is generally $10/day."