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= Carr Cell =
= Modulations Installation Artist Page =
= Modulations Installation Artist Page =

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Modulations Installation Artist Page

Modulations Installation Page

Important Times

General Schedule

10a Arrive - building check in

10a-12p Audio system setup - begin installation setup Bay Gallery

12p-5p Music soundchecks/rehearsals - installation setup

5p-7p Installation opening - crew eats in music space (catered)

7p~2p Music performances - pretty big set change at about 8pm

3:30a Building check out (shooting for this time)

5a Rental ends

Performance Schedule and Rehearsal Times

whoaliasset timeset lengthlocationsoundcheckprojectionchannels
Max Mathews with Dan Harder and Ann-Marie Stoehr7:0010floor4:30yes - provides1
Ge Wang7:1010floor4:10yes - provides?
Chris Chafe and Fred Malouf7:2020floor3:20no3
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano7:4020floor3:00no8
Fell: Katharine Hawthorne with Alisha Mitchell and Emily Hite8:1515stage3:40no2
Bruno Ruviaro - Tania LanferBruno&Tania8:3010floornoonno4
Adam Sheppard and Uri NietoMadLab8:4515floor12:20no2
Jakes Bejoy9:0020floor12:40yes2
Baeksan Changbaeksanchang9:2030floor12:50yes2
Mike Gao9:5030stage2:45yes2
Bjoern Erlach10:2015stage2:30no2
Adam Sommers and Sean PriceSweat Shop Boys/Nob Goblin10:3030+stage2:15yes4
Luke Dahl11:0030stage2:00yes2
Steinunn and Leo11:3030+stage1:15yes2
David BirnbaumDonald Krump (aka "The Fox")12:4545stage1:30yes2
Colin RaffelThe Abrahammer1:3030+stage1:00yes - provides2

Volunteer Schedule

Directions & Parking

somarts directions

gmaps link