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== AVR Microcontrollers==
== Families of Microcontrollers==
[http://www.atmel.com/products/avr/ AVR 8-bit RISC] microcontrollers by [http://www.atmel.com Atmel] are currently at the heart of the embedded technology platform we use in [http://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/PID Physical Interaction Design] research and courses at CCRMA. These chips have a modern [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_architecture Harvard Architecture], executing most instruction cycles in a single clock cycle. An extremely efficient open source C compiler is available, and these devices are used and supported by a large community of developers. The AVR architecture and instruction set is available in a large family of 8-bit devices that come in a variety of packages. AVR-series chips come with as little as 1 Kbyte of Flash program memory, up to 256 Kbytes; 32 bytes to 8 Kbytes of RAM; and up to 20 MHz clock speeds. Specialized AVR devices exist for automotive, LCD and lighting control, USB and radio applications. Code is easily portable between devices.
PIC [www.microchip.com]

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Families of Microcontrollers

PIC [www.microchip.com] SH1 ADuC812 68HC11