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== Drawings ==
Version 1 Using Clothespin
Version 2 Using (large?) Paperclip
== Similar Examples ==
Uses accelerometer to measure tilt angle.
*[https://ccrma.stanford.edu/wiki/Students/michaelberger/250B/ The Grip Maestro]
The Grip Maestro is similar - uses an existing object + sensors
*[http://resenv.media.mit.edu/sweptRF.html Musical Trinkets]
Uses a lot of small objects for interaction
== 3 Lists ==
===Things you need to have done for a minimal viable product===
* Source for random objects (soft, hard, variety) - maybe toys
* Make clips with sensors attached
* Connect clips and ensure they make sound when sensors triggered
===Things that you want to have done by the final deadline===
* Fine tune program so that sounds produced are coherent and nice
* Find people to perform with their own objects
===Things that would be nice to have if you had unlimited time.===
* Make my own nice clips with the sensors embedded in them
* Write a score with instructions for an orchestra of 'objects'
== List of Materials ==
* Sensors
** Flex Sensor
** Fast vibration sensor switch
** Hall effect sensor
** Tilt ball switch
** Distance sensor, etc.
* Clips
* Electronic parts connecting sensor/clips to computer
* Objects to clip on
== Steps ==
* Connect sensor to computer
* Make sure triggering sensor makes sound
* Attach sensor to clips
* Clip on objects and experiment with them
* Refine sounds

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