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Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities (CCARH)

Music 253 - Musical Information: An Introduction

For all students interested in methods of musical data representation, Music 253 "Musical Information: an Introduction" will be meeting this week on Friday, 10am-11:50, in Braun 128. The course will meet each Friday for lecture with a lab time during the week TBD. The instructor for Music 253 is Eleanor-Selfridge Field.

The course covers a wide variety of software-based methods of encoding and interpreting musical data for analysis, query and notation including SCORE, MusicXML, MIDI, MuseData, Humdrum and KERN, as well as novel approaches towards the visualization and encoding of music.

All students with a background in music and an interest in musical information are encouraged to attend; past successful students have come from the Music, Computer Science, Engineering and Symbolic Systems programs with widely varying musical backgrounds. Music 253 is a cognate course in Computer Science and in the Symbolic Systems Program and students in the CCRMA MA/MST program may elect to take 253 and the graduate seminar 254 in lieu of the Music 420 sequence.

Additionaly, Music 253 may be taken for 1-4 credits with individual sections of the course available for those students interested in less than 3 or 4 credits.

Those interested in Music 253, a survey of musical representation systems and their applications, can get an overview of the class at: or