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Luke Dahl (MST '07, current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): lukedahl /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Mike Gao (MST '09, current Ph.D. @ UCSD): mikegao /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Craig Hanson (MST '09, soon to be @ iZotope): chanson9 /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Jorge Herrera (MST '09, current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): jorgeh /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Denis Lebel (Previously Soft. Eng. @ Digidesign + M.A. Music Tech @ McGill. Soon to be.. awesome?): denis /dot/ lebel /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Sang Won Lee (MS expected in '10 @ MS&E, Stanford): panavrin /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Gautham Mysore (MST '05, current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): gautham /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Jeremy Sawruk (MFA '05 UNC Arts, currently @ Lutron): jeremy /dot/ sawruk /at/ gmail /dot/ com

Hwan Shim (Ph.D. '08 Seoul Natl. Univ., visiting scholar @ CCRMA): hwanshim /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Diana Siwiak (MST '08, current Ph.D. @ ASU): dsiwiak /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

Steve Tjoa (Ph.D., 2010, Univ. of Maryland): kiemyang /at/ umd /dot/ edu, http://www.ece.umd.edu/~kiemyang

Jay LeBoeuf (MST '08, Imagine Research): jay /at/ imagine-research /dot/ com

Elie Noune (BE Computer and Communications Eng', 2010 @AUB): noune /at/ ccrma /dot/ stanford /dot/ edu

James Hughes (DXARTS, University of Washington): james /at/ virtualjames /dot/ com

Stefan Tomic (MA Dartmouth College '03, current staff researcher @ UC Davis): sttomic /at/ ucdavis /dot/ edu

Lisa Lim (BA Music Synthesis '07, Berklee College of Music, FAE @ Innoband): lisa /dot/ lim /at/ mac /dot/ com

Fred Barrett (Ph.D., 2012, Univ. Calif. at Davis): fbarrett /at/ ucdavis /dot/ edu, http://www.kimusubi.net

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn.com too!

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