MIR workshop 2009/Participants

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Luke Dahl (MST '07, current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): lukedahl@ccrma.stanford.edu

Mike Gao (MST '09, current Ph.D. @ UCSD): mikegao@ccrma.stanford.edu

Craig Hanson (MST '09, soon to be at iZotope): chanson9@ccrma.stanford.edu

Jorge Herrera (MST '09, current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): jorgeh@ccrma.stanford.edu

Gautham Mysore (current Ph.D. @ CCRMA): gautham@ccrma.stanford.edu

Diana Siwiak (MST '08, current Ph.D. @ ASU): dsiwiak@ccrma.stanford.edu

Jeremy Sawruk (MFA '05 UNC Arts, currently @ Lutron): jeremy.sawruk@gmail.com

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