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This is the CCRMA ladder. The first rule of the CCRMA ladder is: you don't talk about the CCRMA ladder. The second rule of the CCRMA ladder is: to move up a rung, you may challenge anyone one or two rungs above you. If you win, you move just above that person.


  1. earle green wood don't burn
  2. Dannymo 'dannymo' Schlesstones
  3. Kapil 'C-Pole' Krishmahannaquanzica
  4. C-Stache
  5. Lukes
  6. C-Hans
  7. dirty d
  8. Jorge 'Porgy' McBjorginson
  9. Jables
  10. J-Sad
  11. MyGal MikeGao thighs now Mike Gao
  12. Three First Names
  13. Flannery O'Tooligan

(all disputes will be settled by roshambo)