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This is the CCRMA ladder. The first rule of the CCRMA ladder is: you don't talk about the CCRMA ladder. The second rule of the CCRMA ladder is: to move up a rung, you may challenge anyone one or two rungs above you. If you win, you move just above that person.


  1. earle green wood don't burn
  2. Dannymo 'dannymo' Schlesstones
  3. C-Stache
  4. Lukes
  5. C-Hans
  6. Jorge 'Porgy' McBjorginson
  7. Kapil 'C-Pole' Krishmahannaquanzica
  8. Jables
  9. dirty d
  10. J-Sad
  11. MyGal MikeGao thighs now Mike Gao
  12. Three First Names
  13. Flannery O'Tooligan

(all disputes will be settled by roshambo)