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| cmn55
| cmn55
| 153new [needs to move to cmn43 but points at cmn61]
| 153new [move to cmn43, currently cmn61]
| hans and hassan
| hans and hassan

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IETF really means Internet Engineering Task Force but at CCRMA it's the Internet Ensemble Tech Force.

We use Jack and JackTrip.

We've taken over certain CCRMA machines to be jacktrip servers for musical ensembles, as this table shows:

alias name IP address Tech owner canonical name
[none] dave cmn46
[none] robert cmn32
[none] wendy cmn52
153terse bonnie cmn55
153new [move to cmn43, currently cmn61] hans and hassan cmn43
jack-trip patricia cmn18
153wind jerry cmn7
153jamband nick cmn11
153sclork bruno cmn17
153jazz mark and scott cmn20
[none] matt cmn49
kronos-trip zach cmn58
[none] cc and nando cm-jam
[none] cc cmn9
[none] nando (RMTP server, testing) cmn27