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Music 250A Final Project: Vocal Effects Glove

• Will be targeted toward a specific genre of music (right now, playing with the idea of island reggae/Hawaiian jams. • Will try to focus on making one glove with good design and functionality, but may make a backup glove as well (not a right and a left, but two lefts).



Examples - Gloves Projects

1. The “DIY Arduino Data Gloves” – from How to Get What You Want http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=4639 --a. Showcases a great design, and a video demonstrates nice functionality (data feedback of hand movement) to control a range of processes. --b. The Gloves Project page (http://theglovesproject.com/category/diy/) has full the instructions on how this glove is made. Includes materials, tools, pattern, sewing instructions, soldering instructions, … , calibrating, programming, going wired or wireless, and integration with software. --c. Love the look of these gloves

i. The bend sensor connection area looks well protected (ends are covered with neoprene squares)
ii. The palm is open (no material), so glove does not get hot, I presume. Good design element, since I was considering a skeleton of a glove for this reason.

--d. TWO sensors can actually be used for each finger, to register each knuckle bending. I will probably just start with one for each finger and see how the results are.

2. The StretchSense stretch sensors can measure flexible body movement, such as that of the hand, and are equipped with wireless technology. www.stretchsense.com --a. Demonstration of hand with visualization app at 2:20 in this video: http://youtu.be/7uh0UWPEur4 --b. While a great demonstration, very very expensive sensors for what I will be doing ($850 USD for a starter evaluation kit) --c. The DESIGN, however, is more along the lines of the skeleton glove I thought about. End segments of each finger can be placed into holders, and glove can stretch over back of hand.

3. Project: “controlling a humanoid robotic hand with a glove fitted with flex sensors”