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Soon (10.2007) CCRMA will transition to a login based network access system called Chillispot, which will simplify access by allowing CCRMA users to login to the wired and wireless Guestnet network with their login name and password (subject to a usage timeout), no matter what personal computer they are using. However for the time being, see the following instructions:

1) Connect your computer to a CCRMA Guestnet cable (blue cables around the building) or insure your wireless card is connected to any of the CCRMA wireless access points (shown as CCRMA XXX, where XXX is the room number of where the access point is located. In the classroom, for instance, one of the available access points will be "CCRMA 217").

2) Open a web browser and attempt to go to the Internet. There you will see CCRRA splash screen which will instruct you to enter your CCRMA login name. Please read everything and press 'Submit.'

3) Come see a CCRMA System Administrator (Fernando or Carr) so that we can enable the Guestnet network for your computer.

4) Reboot.

If you want to connect to both the wired and wireless networks, you will need to go through this process for each.