Fall Colloq 2011

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09/28/11 Academic Programs, Ensembles, Basic Guidelines Chris Chafe 2 10/05/11 New Student Presentations, Dinner New Student Presentations, Dinner, Debbie and Tricia 3 10/12/11 Nothing Jonathan Berger Christopher Willits 4 10/19/11 Computer (Carr) Andrea Agostini Mark Applebaum 5 10/26/11 Computer (Carr), Ed Berdahl No one else 6 11/02/11 Max Lab and Bay Area Prototyping Resources Drupal, CMS(Sasha) Craig and Eleanor Ge Wang 7 11/09/11 Studios D and E,(Carr) Digital Mixers (Sasha) Marina Bosi No one else (if possible) 8 11/16/11 IPL/Studio C Jonathan Abel Jarek X 11/23/11 Thanksgiving, No class Thanksgiving, No class 9 11/30/11 Events and Concerts, Stage Use (Bruno) Bruno Ruviaro Tom Rossing 10 12/07/11 Listening Room (Nando) Nando Julius Smith

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