Fall Colloq 2011

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9/28 Chris Chafe, Ensembles, Basic Guidelines

- Chris Chafe, Director of CCRMA

- Staff Intros

- Facilities Guidelines

- Ensembles

10/5 Academic Guidelines, New Student Presentations, Dinner

Academic Programs and Guidelines by Tricia Schroeter

New students have 5 minutes to introduce themselves the CCRMA Community and talk about the type of research and creating they have done or are interested in doing. Delicious dinner from Mediterranean Wraps ($5 donation requested).

10/12 Jonathan Berger and Christopher Willits

10/19 Computing Resources at CCRMA, Mark Applebaum, Andrea Agostini

10/26 Computing Resources at CCRMA, Edgar Berhdal

11/02 Max Lab and Bay Area Prototyping Resources, Drupal, CMS, Craig Sapp and eleanor Selfridge-Field , Ge Wang

11/09 Studios D and E, Digital Mixers, Marina Bosi

11/16 IPL/Studio C, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Jonathan Abel

11/30 Events and Concerts, Stage Use, Bruno Ruviaro, Tom Rossing

12/07 Listening Room, Fernando Lopez-Lezzcano, Julius Smith