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Can be done immediately:

2 QSC speakers, stands and 1/4" cables moved into garage, CCARH, entryway

1:30 Lucas and Stephen arrive

               Set up small tables outside listening room and stage for leaving drinks.

1 Flast screen TV and mount moved into the lounge from the garage

Determine length of power cables needed and get those and a power strip from room 101.

            Move shelving unit out of grad area and down into CCARH if there are extra hands around to lift
               Clean up entryway, move some items into studio C, move the piano into outside entryway and arrange bouncy 
                  balls and a metal bowl

Set doors to be open for performance doors and regular operation doors

Place signs throughout the building

               Place programs in logical locations (entry, CCARH, lounge??)

Cut and tape gels onto florescent lights. Place colored lights in CCARH and entryway.

               Projector into listening room

3:30 Lucas leaves

4:00 Linnea leaves to get ice, eanabs and programs

5:00 Sandy arrives to help

Arrange reception items at various places around the building (entry, CCARH, lounge)

Continue to assist artists with any of their technical needs

7:00 Lucas returns

Jonathan Berger begins a class in the seminar room. Class ends at 8pm at which point, his students are encouraged to stay for the concert.

               Artists should be set up

Use gaffing tape to secure any cables that are on the ground

8:00 Music starts

9:30 Music stops except for the Sweat Shop Boys which will be allowed to keep going if they are feeling like it.

10:00 Artists are encouraged to take a break from the reception to help us get cables, speakers and stands to room 101 and tables put back in their original place.