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Visda Goudarzi- Junkmail

Tech Needs Projection, speakers: prefer stage audio system or similar

Samples: https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~visda/junkmail2.wav

Description: Junkmail is an audio-visual piece as a reaction to the fact that "it takes more than 100 million trees to produce the total volume of junk mail that arrives in American mailboxes each year."

Bio: Visda Goudarzi is a Computer Musician interested in software develop- ment for computer music, human- computer interaction, gesture based in- terfaces, computer graphics and the application of new media in art. She recently graduated in the "Music-Science and Technology" program at CCRMA. She has also a Masters degree in Computer Science from TU Vienna and plays piano.

Sweat Shop Boys - Adam Somers and Sean Price

Tech Needs: 2 Speakers/Amp, subwoofer preferred, 2 1/4" outputs, table, power. We are happy to play in a reverberant space

Website: http://sweatshopboys.com/

Sounds: http://sweatshopboys.com/?page=sounds

Description: Slowly evolving, dark, drone/ambient

Bio: The Sweat Shop Boys are a drone act formed in 2005 at CalArts by Adam Somers and Sean Price. Over the years they have refined a vocabulary for improvised noise and ambient performance using analog modular synthesizers and custom software. Sean Price currently resides in Oakland, CA and is attending Mills College in the Electronic Music MFA program. Adam Somers resides in Palo Alto and is attending Stanford University in CCRMA's MA/MST program.

Hongchan Choi - Mirror II, Fragmenta

  • Mirror II (Interactive audiovisual installation)

Tech Needs: 1x Macbook pro, 1x big screen TV or projector, 1x microphone, speaker (a pair of regular speaker or hemisphere would be fine)

Sample video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_ppG79jnmc

Description: Mirror II is an interactive audiovisual installation designed to mimic a mirror in a weird way with audiovisual effects. Real-time slit-scanning and spectral delay are used for bizarre ambiances programmed by Max/MSP/Jitter & Javascript programming. Users can have interaction with this new breed of mirror by moving around and singing in front of it.

  • Fragmenta (real-time audiovisual performance OR playback recorded media)

Tech Needs: just a projector (with D-SUB input and an extension cable perhaps)

Sample video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajz5aF8cbyQ

Description: The project "Fragmenta" is an aesthetic & experimental approach to creating audiovisual art with rich inter-media interaction. With the notion of "organic binding" between audio and visual objects, the main goal of these series of experiments is to make audiences feel these audiovisual scenes as an united sense. This piece was implemented with two software platforms: Chuck and Processing. OSC(OpenSound Control) was used for inter-connecting two applications.

  • Bio

A composer && programmer who is eager to experiment an artistic mixture of music and visual. After years of study for an undergraduate degree in information engineering and a master's in computer music, Hongchan is a candidate for a doctoral degree(D.M.A.) and preparing a disseratation on visual music and audiovisual art. Creating a variety of multimedia works such as cross-modal performances and audiovisual installations, He has been participating numerous concerts and exhibitions in Seoul, Korea. Besides, with proficient experience in commercial music production as well as multimedia art, He has multi-year career in teaching in music technology and multimedia programming.

(descriptions are awfully improvised, need to be fixed.. ooh)

Jason Sadural - Audio Tunnel playback

Tech NeedsPrefers listening room




Adam Sheppard, Bj - title needed

Tech Needs




Carr Wilkerson - LOLFO

Tech Needs - stereo 1/4 in out, 1/2 table space, 3 power outlets, (no video/graphics planned), it would be nice to have a sub.

Samples [1]

Description - downtempo ambient dubstep

Bio Carr Wilkerson is a System Administrator at CCMRA specializing in Linux and Mac OS systems. He is a controller and software system builder and sometime performer/impresario. He has a BS in Physics from Tulane University, Master of Arts in Music Science and Technology from Stanford University, and a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Tulane. In a previous life, he was a US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Engineer (think Scotty).

Steinunn Arnardottir - Put my hands in your pocket project

Tech Needs Speakers, cables from mixer to speaker (XLR or 1/4" jack outputs), table

Samples http://mp3.breakbeat.is/breakbeat/leopold/demo/put_my_hands_unfinished_demo.mp3

Description A dj set possibly with some live-ness added to it..

Bio Steinunn Arnardottir received her B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Iceland in 2006 and a M.A. in Music, Science and Technology from Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) in 2008. She is currently working toward a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and will graduate in Spring 2010.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano - title needed

Tech Needs Stage audio system



Cobi Van Tonder - title needed if any

Tech Needs



Luke Dahl - title needed if any

Tech Needs




Bio Tech Needs Samples Description Bio