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for my final project, i am going to make a 5 minute piece for listening that is an impressionist take of my morning commute. audio will be spatialized for playback in following formats: 8-channels, binaural, and 7.1 surround. audio included in this piece will consist of sound effect samples, field recordings, studio recordings, vst’s, and sample manipulations. i may borrow various facets of compositions(and/or audio snippets) from sources that i find particularly inspiring. sections of this immersive experience will employ different spatial/compositional techniques I have ponderer, theorized, and did my best to realize.


project milestone 

Initially, I planned to do a piece in one style of music that lasted roughly 4 minutes. Now, I am going to do a virtual commute that contains music from multiple styles, all of which are mixed for multiple surround formats, which should last roughly 5 minutes.

To ‘move’ objects in horizontal space, I have developed a matrix/routing scheme using seven instances of Ableton Live’s Autopan, in a root or tree like fashion. This system is rather complicated to describe in prose, but I am happy to demonstrate or draw it out for anyone interested in using it. It will be part of presentation on Thursday 5/25/17.

As for the content of my multiple musical styles, I am in the process of creating these scenes in Ableton, recording friends and other musicians, gathering stems of existing tracks from friends/previous musical collaborators, and capturing some field recordings to simulate driving in a car. There will be roughly 10 different musical genres presented to the listener over the course of the 5 minute piece; half of these segments are complete, half are just concepts, only 1 or 2 are spatialized so far.

This piece will be completed by Monday of Week 10 (for 8 channels). All audio should be recorded by mid-next week. Spatializing/mixing these projects will be exciting and presumably not terribly time-consuming. Later in Week 10, or perhaps during finals week, I will have separate mixes for binaural and 5.1 surround.

List of people involved(so far):

Chris Chafe</p> Jesse Green Jay Kadis Justive Njoku Dylan Nyguyen Davide Tiso Nakul Tiruviluamala