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This is a page for people to post common and unusual problems and solutions that come about in using Chunity. Hopefully we can all learn from each other and make the debugging process a little less frustrating!


Sound not working

My scene wasn't making any sound, but I could see the sound going on the green level meters on my ChuckSubInstance. Other applications on my computer made sound too. I figured out that there was a "Mute Audio" button on the game scene view, and it was accidentally pressed. Unmuting audio fixed my problem.

Sound glitchy

Once I added more than 32 ChuckSubInstances, my scene's audio got glitchy. It seemed like some of the ChuckSubInstances were just straight up not playing. I found out that there's a setting Edit > Project Settings > Audio > Real Voices. Unity will completely ignore more Audio Sources than this number, and all my ChuckSubInstances had the default priority, so it was just jumping around between them all not sure what to do. I increased the number of Real Voices to be more than my number of ChuckSubInstances, and my project went back to normal.


Crash with no mic

I found out that Chunity crashes / hangs if my computer has no microphone when I start the scene. I told the Chunity developers, and for now, I just need to make sure to have a mic plugged in before starting my scene.