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== Optimizing Zoom ==
== Optimizing Zoom ==
* Stanford UIT [https://uit.stanford.edu/service/zoom/zoomupdates Zoom Software Updates] tracking what's in which version when.
* Beginners' [https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/file-sharing/zoom/guide/navigation.html guide to navigating Zoom's meeting window]
* Beginners' [https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/file-sharing/zoom/guide/navigation.html guide to navigating Zoom's meeting window]

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Have at it CCRMA community



  • jacktrip — high quality, low latency audio over networks

Optimizing Zoom

  • Zoom Web Client (for people who want to attend meetings from a browser without downloading and installing the Zoom app: "Note that the meeting experience from the browser is limited")

Zoom Doom and Gloom

  • Zoom announces a feature freeze as they redeploy their entire development team to dealing with security and privacy issues.


Virtual Classroom Tips

Health and Well Being

  • Nette is holding a daily Zoom "drop-in" hangout from 1pm-2pm M-F; please see Nette's email from 3/19/2020 (subject: "Town Hall Recording") for ways to connect
  • (Errand sharing sheet created by Michiko Theurer - see email)

Grocery Delivery Options

  • InstaCart (four day delay as of March 16 - also their workers are on strike)
  • Safeway (deliveries completely sold out, but you might be able pick up your order if they do not cancel it as mine just was)

Being Conscious of and Ensuring Good Air Flow


  • "Flattening the Curve"
  • Quaranteam: you and your housemates