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CCRMA Virtual Open House 2021 | Preliminary Schedule | Fri Apr 9

LECTURES (10am-12pm, 1:20-2pm)

Romain Michon - The FAST Project: Fast Audio Signal-processing Technologies on FPGA

Gregory Pat Scandalis - MIDI 2.0, what it is, and what it means for instrument creators

Jonathan Berger, Jonathan Abel, Elliot Canfield Dafilou, Lloy May, Camille Noufi - Sound, Space and the Aesthetics of the Sublime

Nick Porcaro, Pat Scandalis, Julius Smith - Graphic design driven JUCE user interfaces

Ge Wang Jack Atherton, Kunwoo Kim, Kathleen Yuan, Marise van Zyl - What is Real? A Report from the CCRMA VR Design Lab

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano - Surrounded @ Home

Champ Darabundit, Jonathan S. Abel - Discretization of Analog Filters Near the Nyquist Limit Using Conformal Mappings

Constantin Basica, Prateek Verma, Pamela Davis Kivelson, Ingrid Odlen - Translations from Painting to Music and Vice Versa Using Neural Networks

Lunch Break (12-1:20pm)


Lloyd May - Breaking B.R.A.D (Single-Player Game)

Matthew Wright - Finite State Machines I Have Known and Loved

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano - Surrounded @ Home

Julius Smith - Performable Virtual Musical Instruments

Ge Wang Jack Atherton, Kunwoo Kim, Kathleen Yuan, Marise van Zyl - CCRMA VR Design Lab: Posters & Demos


Hassan Estakhrian - picTyourScore (pandemic edition)

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano - Dinosaur He[a]rd!

Ocean Memory Concert (6pm)