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The CCRMA User Group aims to present short practical presentations by expert users of tools available at CCRMA in hopes of enhancing the community research and creative experience.

CUG will be held each Tuesday: noon - 12:50.

November 13, 2007 : Looping in Linux and 'Diffing' files

November 6, 2007 : Looping in Linux and 'Diffing' files

12:00 - 12:30 : Diffing files with the diff command and Kompare. - Carr

12:30 - 12: 50 : Looping in Linux with SooperLooper and Freewheelin - Fernando

"SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more. It allows for multiple simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by your computer's available memory. The feature-set and operation was inspired by the impressive Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP). When used with a low-latency audio configuration SooperLooper is capable of truly realtime live performance looping."

"Freewheeling allows us to build repetitive grooves by sampling and directing loops from within spirited improvisation."

"Kompare is a graphical difference viewer that allows you to visualize changes to a file. Whether you're a developer comparing source code, or you just want to see the difference between that research paper draft and the final document, Kompare is the tool you need."

October 30, 2007 : Ardour Session Basics and DVD Media Backup with K3b

This week we'll learn the basics of setting up an Ardour session to record audio and how to backup the session when it is complete.

12:00-12:30 : Ardour Session Basics: Setting up Mono and Stereo tracks, Routing Audio with Jack, Recording Audio, Session Files. Fernando

12:30-12:50 : DVD Media Backup with K3b: Using K3b in Linux to archive digital media. Carr

October 23, 2007 : Ardour Intro, Advanced Jack, JMess, Process Management

This weeks CCRMA User Group presentation will feature these topics:

12:00-12:15 : Process Management in Linux, an Introduction to these commands: ps, top, kill, killall, kill -9, and the GNOME System Monitor : Carr

12:15-12:30 : Advanced Jack : Fernando

12:30-12:35 : JMess : Juan Pablo

12:35-12:50 : Ardour Intro Toot: Mic In : Miriam

System Monitor



October 9, 2007 : "You don't know Jack!"

This weeks CCRMA User Group presentation will feature two main topics:

1) A more in-depth look at the architecture and configuration of Jack and Qjackctl by Fernando.

He'll give us an overview of the Jack API and how it relates to the operating system kernel and audio applications. He'll also talk about optimizing Jack settings both in Qjackctl and with the command line. Take a look here for more info:

Jack block diagram:



2) GNOME Desktop Tweaks

- Configuring your panel with application start icons and monitoring applets: CPU and network monitoring.

- Configuring and using 'Workspaces' and workspace switching

- Screensaver, mouse, keyboard and theme tweaks.

3) bonus: using FTP at CCRMA (gFTP and Fetch)