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How To Connect

On this page, we explain how to connect to Satellite CCRMA over the Ethernet cable.

Mac OS X

If you are using Mac OS 10.6.3 through 10.8, you need to install XQuartz so that XWindows will work. (Prior versions (10.5+) have XWindows installed by default in the OS X Developer Tools, but if it is missing for you then first try downloading X11 from the same link.)

You will use the Terminal program to login to Satellite CCRMA over the Ethernet connection.

Now open up a window in Terminal. Your ccrma comet can be resolved via the hostname "satellite.local". To check that it is visible type the command ping satellite.local, and see how fast the network response is. Once you are satisfied, hit Control-C to quit ping. Then, to finally login to Satellite CCRMA, type

ssh -XY ccrma@satellite.local

The password should be temppwd.


First install avahi-daemon to resolve ip via zeroconf.

  • sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon (for debian distros

You can now connect from the terminal with ssh

  • ssh -XY ccrma@satellite.local

Windows 7

  • Then Download XMING and install it. Then start the Xming program from the Start Menu--it is in a folder called Xming. (I believe that it is not necessary to start the XLaunch program -- hopefully someone can confirm this during the next workshop.)
  • Then download Putty. It will stay in your Downloads folder unless you put it somewhere else, such as the Desktop.
    • Go to the Connection | SSH | X11 panel and check "Enable X11 forwarding"
    • Go to the Connection | SSH | Tunnels panel and check "Local ports accept connections from other hosts"
    • Go to the Session panel and enter ccrma@satellite.local into the "Host name" field to specify that you want to log in to satellite.local (the IP address of CCRMA comet) using the user name ccrma.
    • Select "Default Settings" and then click the "Save" button so that all these settings are saved by default.
    • Finally click on the "Open" button to open the connection.
    • The password is temppwd
    • Since a default pd patch started on boot, you can stop it by typing stop-default
    • Then run the command
      pd &
      to make sure that pd can successfully forward its Window to your laptop.
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