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Everyone in this world (or mostly everyone :P) has a sense of rhythm in the music they listen to. This is the rhythm they dance to; this is the rhythm they sing out while humming the song. What if we could allow users to be able to vocally express this rhythm via beatboxing.


People have made a lot of fun of us (on multiple occasions) while we were completely immersed in beat boxing to our favorite song that came on the radio. This mockery was justified, since in comparison to professional beat boxers, our skills were no where near. So we decided, why not make a new game that helps novices like us learn how to beat box better! And that gave birth to BeatBox Hero!

The Thing

The product is a software that allows a user to record a piece of "sung-out" beats, converts them into "real" beats and adds them to a song of their choice. Design

From a user perspective, the interface will allow a user to choose a song to play, record their vocal-beats till they want to stop. Then convert it into real beats and add it to the song.


This product can be tested by picking a song with known beats and recording people exactly replicating the same beat pattern in their own voice. Then, we can measure the similarity between the generated beat and the original beat


Team of Two

1. Rohan Jain (

2. Ankit Gupta (


Nov, 9: Detect general beat pattern and tempo from the user sample

Nov 16: Map different styles of notes in the user sample to different percussion instruments

Nov 21: Figure out how the choose a "start" and an "end" for a vocal beat.

Nov 30: Make UI/Visualization

Dec 4: Polish UI and general project.

Dec 7: * Automatically correct user generated beat pattern to remove minor defects (such as off-beat/noise).

  • - Ambitious Milestone. Might be a stretch!