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Our purpose is to explore the realm of computational physics and physical tendancies through acoustical perception. In our inate desire to explore who we are and where we come from, physicists have explored the cosmos as far as light and the age of the universe will allow for answers. From data gathered at the furthest spectrum of the universe such as the Cosmic Microwave Background ( to relatively close phenomena, a standard model is devised in order for us to understand what we observe and why. Through observational Astro-physics, data from telescopes and satalites are systematically collected to confirm and converge to coefficients in our physical models as well as tendancies certian systems. Computational Astrophysicists then recreate and simulate these systems in order to test the stability and consistency of these models. Within this process, we attempt to create meaningfull sonification techniques of these simulations in 3-dimensional spatialized sound in order to better understand the physical tendancies not easily seen with current Visualization techniques.


Source of Computational Astrophysics Simulations

We attempt to do so through three different techniques