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2010 Sound Art Intensive

Final Project: The goal of this class is to learn more about sound and to play with combining that sound in artful ways. The final project for the class will be a 2 – 3 minute composition that uses sound material that you and your classmates have recorded over the course of the next two weeks.Your final project is due by Tuesday, 9/14, at 5pm. Final pieces will be performed in the CCRMA courtyard on Wednesday, 9/15, at 8:30pm.

8/31 Tuesday

Lecture: Physics of sound, electricity and magnetism

Lab: Microphone and Hydrophone Building (Meet in the Classroom)

9/1 Wednesday

Lab: Microphone Building

Lecture: Sound Design, Software for manipulation

9/2 Thursday

Fieldtrip to Monterey Bay for Whale Watching (Meet in front of Wilbur at 9am)

9/3 Friday

Lecture: Recording, Mic Placement, Analyzing and Modifying Sound

Lab: Begin large sampling project, Talk about format for posting.

9/4 Saturday

AI Fieldtrip to San Francisco

9/6 Monday

Day Off

9/7 Tuesday

AM Lecture: Instrument Design and Acoustics, Experimental Musical Instruments

Lab: Make your own experimental musical instrument

9/8 Wednesday

Field trip to the Exploratorium and San Francisco’s Mission District (Meet in front of Wilbur at 9am)

9/9 Thursday

Lecture: Demonstration of Spatialization and the CCRMA Listening Room

Lab: Recording and Sound Design

9/10 Friday

Move Out Day

9/11 Saturday

Field Trip to San Jose Junkyard (pick n’ pull) and Flea Market

9/13 Monday

Work on Final Projects

9/14 Tuesday

Work on Final Projects. Due at 5pm

Tech Rehearsal in CCRMA Stage

9/15 Wednesday

Help get speakers set up for final project and Transitions Concert. Learn to tune speakers.

8:30 Final Performance – please invite your friends

9/16 Thursday

Optional CCRMA Transitions Concert