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* [http://www.plantstudios.com/ Plant Studios] - Gautham
* [http://www.plantstudios.com/ Plant Studios] - Gautham
* Meyer Sound - Berkely
* Meyer Sound - Berkely [https://cm-wiki.stanford.edu/wiki/AES/Meyer WIKI PAGE for TOur]
[[Category: Groups]]
[[Category: Groups]]

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Audio Engineering Society

Here's the page to add any events you'd like to have AES sponsor or places you'd like to visit. Please write your name next to your suggestion and provide any details if you have any (contacts, etc).

  • Tour of Linden-Labs (makers of Second Life) in SF (Ge and CC have contacts) - rob
  • ILM, otherwise known as Skywalker Ranch - Diana
  • Apple Core Audio by Apple Core Audio Team rep. Why should audio geeks like us be impressed? - Carr
  • Paul Davis: Ardour Developer - Carr
  • THX - I know someone who works there, I'll talk to him. Blair