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The following materials are already taken for HW3 in Music 250A Autumn 2012:

Cecilia: Acrylic - Orange
Myles: Bamboo - Amber (not 3 ply) http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/83-bamboo-amber
Ilias: Acrylic - Fluoro Orange
Tim O'Brien: Acrylic Mirror http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/340-acrylic-mirror
Priya Shekar: Leather (Vege Tanned) - Tan
Sarah Smith: Acrylic Green
Jennifer Hsu: Acrylic Matte Black
Romain Michon: Leather (Vege Tanned) - Natural Russet
Erin Baumann: Bamboo-Blonde
Yoo Hsiu Yeh: Acrylic Light Blue Tint http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/71-acrylic-light-blue-tint
Iván Naranjo: Veneer Core (Double-sided) - Birch
Helen Chavez: Acrylic Red Tint
Kevin Dade: Acrylic Medium Blue TINT http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/68-acrylic-medium-blue-tint
Evan Gitterman: Veneer MDF (Double-sided) - Walnut
Matt Alexander: Leather (Vege Tanned) - Auburn
Afrooz Family: Acrylic - Mirror - Bronze

Lulu DeBoer: Stainless Steel http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/239-3d-printed-stainless-steel Jimmy Tobin : Corrugated Cardboard - Double Layer