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Final Project Presentation: Artful Design of Computer Music Software


  • Thursday, December 14th, 2017, 3:30pm, CCRMA Stage
  • (please arrive at least 15 minutes before; arrive even earlier if you want to test the audio + video)
  • There Will Be Donuts.

Final Project Deliverables

  • DUE: by beginning of final presentation. Upload the entire website to Canvas (HTML, screenshot and video file resources, whatever else is necessary to open the HTML file and have it "just work"), not just a link
  • screenshots that show the essence of your design (if you need more than one to show the essence of your design, include more than one!)
  • a 2-3 minute, high-quality, polished video documentation of your design
  • your code / anything necessary to build and run the project
  • a portfolio-style webpage (something you'd be proud to include in an job/school application!)
    • Name of product, your name(s)
    • Idea / Premise (the big idea / the vision)
    • Motivation (why do it?)
    • The Thing (what is it?) and its Design
      • what is the final product?
      • what purpose does it serve? what is the experience of using it like?
      • what is the interface? how to use it? (should include a sequence of screenshots + text that show the flow of your project)
      • software architecture (what are the different components, under the hood?)
    • What was your "measure of goodness" or "metric of success" as you designed this?

Final Presentation

  • duration 3-7 minutes (for 1-person projects); 5-10 minutes (for 2-person teams)
  • must include a polished demo (keeping in mind you are presenting the essence and experience of a product, more than a tech-demo)
  • might briefly address vision + motivation
  • might briefly speak to your design
  • you will also be graded by the fluidity and strength of your presentation, so really craft/optimize your demo + practice!
    • less might be more, polish and distill your presentation to its essence
  • as always, have fun with it!