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Final Project Presentation: Artful Design of Computer Music Software


  • Thursday, December 14th, 2017, 3:30pm, CCRMA Stage
  • (please arrive at least 15 minutes before; arrive even earlier if you want to test the audio + video; there will be donuts)

Final Project Deliverables

  • DUE: by beginning of final presentation
  • one or more screenshots that show the essence of your design (if you need more than one to show the essence of your design, include more than one!)
  • a 2-3 minute, high-quality, polished video documentation of your design
  • a portfolio-style webpage (something you'd be proud to include in an job/school application!)
    • NAME of product, your name(s)
    • Idea / Premise (the big idea / the vision)
    • Motivation (why do it?)
    • The Thing (what is it?) and its Design
      • what is the final product?
      • what purpose does it serve? what is the experience of using it like?
      • what is the interface? how to use it?
      • software architecture (what are the different components, under the hood?)
    • What was your "measure of goodness" or "metric of success" as you designed this?

Final Presentation

  • duration 3-7 minutes (for 1-person projects); 5-10 minutes (for 2-person teams)
  • must include a polished demo (keeping in mind you are presenting the essence and experience of a product, more than a tech-demo)
  • might briefly address vision + motivation
  • might briefly speak to your design
  • you will also be graded by the fluidity and strength of your presentation, so really craft/optimize your demo + practice!
    • less might be more, polish and distill your presentation to its essence
  • as always, have fun with it!