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Music 256a / CS 476a Final Project menu | Fall 2020

Please sign up for a 10-minute slot on Thursday or Friday to discuss your final project proposal with Ge and Kunwoo.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sGCkHj55ZdxGqt2SYZQxfW44Q5kUbmJUyltqtblEcxs/edit#gid=0

Option 1: the "traditional" system design

Option 2: Three Code Sketches

  • three different smaller code sketches / design etude prototypes, each much include a working core mechanic, can be rough
  • design document outlining where each of these might go
  • documentation in form of videos + webpage

Option 3: Comic-manifesto of Design with Partial Prototypes

  • create a comic-manifesto of a design, telling its story, articulating underlying values, envisioning it in the world, used by people
  • the design of the comic-manifesto is part of the design and should be polished
  • create partial prototypes to validate ideas and as material to put into the comic

Option 4: Leveling-up either Visualizer or Sequencer

  • it's hard to specify what is sufficient "leveling up"; if you are interested in doing this, please get approval from Ge or Kunwoo
  • at the very least, it needs one more substantial new idea taken to fruition

Option 5: Come up with your own idea (and get approval)