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Final Project Proposals

due: in class on Monday (11/12)

  • deliverables: 2 to 3 ideas, ready to present
    • maximally different from each other
    • try to articulate as much specificity as possible!
    • ideas sketched on paper
    • a short paragraph explaining each idea
    • some code working -- if there's a core critical part at the center of your idea, make sure you'll be able to do it early on

  • what must your final project have:
    • real-time audio/music, graphics, interaction
    • a software system
  • what can it be?
    • tool, toy, game, instrument
    • or some other, unclassifiable artifact
  • what must it NOT be:
    • a sequencer (though it can contain a sequencer)
    • a playlist generator (NOOOOOO)
    • a music recommendation system (NOOOOOO)
  • allowed programming environments:
    • C++ with ChucK embedded
    • Unity with ChucK embedded
    • anything else must be approved by us

Be prepared to present succinctly in class. Please upload your design sketches, proposal, and screenshots / video of your working code to Canvas as well!