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Possible Classes

  • DelayLine - a class to represent the audio delay line
  • OneZero - a class to represent the moving average filter needed for the Karplus-Strong algorithm. The one zero is a signal processing reference to one root in the numerator in of a difference equation (not important for this, but I wanted to stay consistent from the office hours). The one zero class should simply implement something like: y[n] = .5*(x[n] + x[n-1])
  • KarplusSynth - a class to hold both the delay line and one zero filter. This should be the main synthesis object that wires up the onezero and delayline objects. You'll have a limited number of these (say 16 of them) to do polyphony.
  • MidiEvent - a class to represent the concept of the midi note velocity and pitch
  • MidiEventQ - some data structure to store the incoming MidiEvents and drain them when needed (produced in the midi callback and consumed in the audio callback)