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Lab 6: Graphics
See this quarter's schedule for due dates.

For this lab you need your MaxKit, with Satellite CCRMA.

Setting Up Software

  • Use the usual procedure (see described before) to power up Satellite CCRMA and login as the user ccrma with the password temppwd.
  • Copy the lab files to your home directory ~ using CyberDuck.
  • Unzip the files directly on your board: change into your ~ directory and unzip the archive by running the following two commands:
 cd ~
 unzip graphicslab2012.zip 
  • Remove the archive file by typing

rm graphicslab2012.zip

  • Change to the ~/graphicslab2012 directory by typing

cd ~/graphicslab2012

  • Install the graphics software by running a script (this will take a while and require entering the password temppwd):


  • If the installation was successful, then remove the graphics software archive:

rm GFX.zip

Part 2: First Demo

Some modification of the HelloTriangle.

  • Run


Make A Musical Interaction

As the final main deliverable of the lab, you should cause your Satellite CCRMA kit make some sound that depends on how you manipulate the sensors. For example, you could make a musical instrument, a music controller, a mock-up sound art installation, or some other sonic interaction. Now that you have had some experience synthesizing sound, your sound synthesis patch should involve more than just a few osc~s. Think about what you want to design before you get started.