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PART 1:Universal Principles Of Design by Lidwell, Holden, and Butler

A - Read this a and webpage.:


This is the first installment of readings from this excellent book. Next week we will look at some more concepts.

B - Draw large pictures of 5 ideas you have for your final project. Think about the design principles in this weeks reading and whether any of those principles apply to your ideas. Your ideas can apply those principles a little or a lot or not at all. But spend a little time thinking about how your project in relation to those principles.

Allow your imagination to run wild - the ideas don't have to be complicated or difficult but they should be things that you would like to see exist. Think about the kinds of interactions you want, the kinds of sounds you want it to create, the material you would like to use.

Don't think about the difficulty of creating these objects. Just dream. It is our job as your teaching staff to help you determine what is and isn't doable within the framework of your available time/money/skill-set. Just dream and bring us a large picture of 5 of your dreams.